“It can be difficult to choose a realtor when selling a home.  In most cases there isn’t much that separates one from another.  Kelly, however, clearly stands out from the pack.  We recently sold our house with Kelly and his team and were very impressed with the job they did.  We received a truly professional service from them. What is it that sets this team above the crowd?  Three things really stand out:  organization,  specialization, and marketing.

Organization.  Right from the very first day it was apparent that Kelly viewed the job as a project with a systematic set of steps and a clear goal.  On Day 1 we were presented with a complete project plan itemizing each task according to a two week timeline.  Every step of the way, we knew exactly what was supposed to happen and when. The transparency in the process was a real confidence builder.

  The ultra-local approach is simply brilliant and we really appreciated how plugged into the community Kelly is with his website and social media presence.  No other realtor stands out in the neighbourhood like Kelly, not by a long shot.  And as a bonus, with so much of his business being local, he is always nearby when you need him.

  This for me is where Kelly really shines.  One look at the project plan and it is obvious that marketing is high-priority, with the timing of each step planned and scheduled for maximum impact.  Every one of the marketing materials they produced for us was high-quality, thought-through and gorgeous.  And, again, their relationship with the local community is really something special.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kelly to anybody considering selling. Great job!  Thank you for selling our house!”

- Scott Cameron & Anastasia Sokolova

“We’d heard great things about Kelly Gardiner, and wanted to see him in action. We invited him in and were immediately impressed with their knowledge of the neighbourhood and local real estate market. It was an easy decision to entrust this team with the selling of our home. Even before we formally listed our house on MLS,  Kelly tapped his extensive network of contacts and had buyers touring our home. This team’s level of professionalism and attention to detail was quite frankly impressive. The timing of our house hitting the market was impeccable. The recommended asking price was fair yet aggressive. Most realtors simply have a listing sheet –  he pulled in a professional photographer and writer, and produced a full-colour brochure.  It was so good it made me think “Why are we leaving? Look at this house!” Even the curb sign was impressive!

So what did this all this effort mean to us? After an evening viewing, Kelly came to me with a cautiously confident look in his eye and simply said: “Matt and Fionna, I don’t want to jinx us…but that went well”. The offer came two hours later, the deal consummated an hour after that. The sale was completed so quickly, we actually had to cancel the public open house.

Three days to sell our house for everything we could have hoped for and awesome terms. Simply incredible!”

- Fionna & Matt Finden

“Buying and selling in the hot Lynn Valley market isn’t as straightforward as it seems.  Kelly did a great job coaching us so we could put in a clean offer on the house we wanted and then preparing our property for sale.  We were very happy with their professionalism and hard work.”

- Ray M & Maya M

“After trying for almost a year with another realtor, my husband and I signed on with Kelly and his team with some pessimistic baggage. Within a couple months Kelly had our place sold for the price we needed.  Obviously it was pretty great to finally get our place sold but it was the way he took care of us that truly sticks out in our minds. He never had a negative thing to say after the many showings yet provided realistic and constructive solutions.  Kelly kept our spirits high and after what we had previously gone through, we truly needed that tender care.We then found our dream home but kept running into obstacles (heaven forbid something goes smoothly).  He talked us down and picked us up throughout every situation.  We know for a FACT that if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be sitting in our new family home right now.We are so grateful and appreciative that we chose this team to make our dream a reality.”

- Jen and Jeff Bzowy

“We have been watching the housing market for years and when we were ready to buy we knew Kelly was the realtor for us. His knowledge and relationships were valuable to us and enabled us to buy a beautiful home in Lynn Valley. This was our first home purchase so we were a little apprehensive and Kelly promptly answered questions, provided information and helped us with a very big decision and life milestone. Kelly facilitated an opportunity that was mutually beneficial for the home seller and us. We strongly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor!”

- Ben and Trina Sporer